Track List:
1. Prologue
2. Dracula Untold
3. Mirena
4. Sultan Mehmed
5. The Handover
6. Eternal Love
7. Janissary Attack
8. Broken Tooth
9. Hand o’ Bats, Pt. 1
10.Hand o’ Bats, Pt. 2
11.This Life and the Next
12.Son of the Dragon
13.The Brood
14.Three Days
15.Son of the Devil
16.Lord Impaler
17.Vlad Vs. 1000
18.The Silver Tent
19.I Will Come Again

Ramin Djawadi’s putting his musical genius to the Dracula Untold Soundtrack which kick-start the Monster series of the production company, Legendary Pictures. The haunting tracks of the soundtrack really fit the story telling of the whole film. Its dark, mysterious and full of action. The soundtrack of the movie is being compared to Game Of Thrones which he is the composer of the hit TV series, maybe because they do share the same time line that’s the reason for it. With the strong orchestral sound and fantastic story telling thru it’s music that really fit to the film.


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