Track List:
1. G.D.F.R. (Dj Kay Rick X Up 2 No Good Remix)
2. G.D.F.R. (Nowaswift Remix)
3. G.D.F.R. (Noodles Remix)
4. G.D.F.R. (K Theory Remix)

Flo Rida‘s hit single G.D.F.R. or Going Down For Real redefine hip hop music with its catchy and dance beat featuring Sage The Gemino Lookas gives the track it’s well deserve remixes. The G.D.F.R Remixes album consists of 4 amazing remixes. The first mix is a more beat sound remix by Dj Kay Rich X Up 2 No Good giving the slow hop chill music. Nokaswift Remix try to maintain some original sound so the song will not lose its tone but by adding more sound, make the track great. The Noodles Remix gives the dance feel for the song maintaining mostly all of the original vocals from the song. The song is given the hip hop vibe it really deserves with the K Theory Remix which sound top hip hop track. We can’t deny that the single reach royal-ness and by doing the remixes album, it’s in the pedestal.


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