Track List:
1. Every Ending Has A Beginning
2. Story Of Wick
3. John Mourns
4. Assassins
5. Dear John
6. Daisy
7. Evil Man Blues (The Candy Shop Boys)
8. The Red Circle (Le Castle Vania)
9. Lure The Wolf
10.Iosef The Terrible
11.Chop Shop
12.Baba Yaga
13.On The Hunt
14.In My Mind (M86 & Susie Q)
15.The Drowning (Le Castle Vania)
16.Think (KALEIDA)
17.LED Spirals (Le Castle Vania)
18.Shots Fired (Le Castle Vania)
19.Old Friend Marcus
20.Hotel Throw Down
21.Warehouse Smack Down
22.Who You Talkin’ To Man? (Ciscandra Nostalghia)
23.Membership Revoked
24.Unfortunate Priest
25.Dock Shootout
26.No More Guns
27.Be Seeing You

It contains 27 tracks from the John Wick Soundtrack score written and composed by Tyler Bates and Joel J Richard, with songs performed by Ciscandra Nostalghia, The Candy Shop Boys, and M86 & Susie Q, and features violin player Scott Tixier. It gives not only the feel of action and excitement but also greatness of the sound, tone and the rush of its music. The blues sound and voice which features The Candy Shop Boys gives a different sound to the whole album for the song Evil Man Blues. Putting also amazing haunting voice to the soundtrack is In My Mind sang by M86 & Susie Q. Le Castle Vania gives two tracks from the album, The Drowning and Shots Fired gives a dance floor vibe but heavy in musical sound. The music gives the wicked feel in the movie.


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