Track List:
1. Nightcrawler
2. Lou’s Inspired
3. Driving at Night
4. Sell the Bike
5. Loder Crashes
7. The First Accident
8. Day to Night
9. Pictures on the Fridge
10.The First Night
11.Entering the House
12.Edit on the Hood
13.Lou and Rick on a Roll
14.Driving at Night, Again
16.Mount Wilson
17.The Wrong Way
18.Watching the House Footage
19.Lou’s Philosophy
20.Making the News
21.Search for the Plate
22.The Newscast
23.Moving the Body
24.Chinatown Express
25.Nina and Frank
26.The Shootout
27.Lou’s Free
28.If It Bleeds It Leads

Nightcrawler Soundtrack gives the thriller just like in the movie composing of 28 score tracks music and composed by James Newton Howard. Through his music to the movie it gives us a thrilling ride. Every track from the album really gives life to the film. I do believe also that there is part of the track list that are not concern with the film. But of course, the mystery is still there and it’s fantastic.


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