Three people on their hands and knees are seen from below , through green-tinted frosted glass. They kneel in a line, with the heads of the second and third individuals obscured by the buttocks of the person directly in front. The first person in the line has an agonised look upon his face. Black, uppercase text at the top of the image reads "Their flesh is his fantasy." At the bottom of the image, white uppercase text displays the names of the leading actors, the film title and production credits.

The Human Centipede : First Sequence is a film directed by Tom Six which is a 2009 Dutch thriller film which I think is short but interesting.  This movie’s plot is about two young girls having a problem with their car and found a house in a remote place. What they didn’t know is they will be part of an experiment connecting them from the anus to the mouth but come to think of it, it’s horrifying amazing.  The story is simple but gives the twist and a bit scientific feel to it. The great surgical horror is a breakthrough the movie. I hope I can watch the second and third film cause it’s getting more thriller.


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