Another great collaboration after Bruno Mars, Travie McCoy is back with his latest single entitled Golden featuring Sia gives listeners a fantastic collaboration with the sound of easy listening hip hop and the amazing female voice added value to the track. The music video for the song is shot in a desert and being lost. The video doesn’t feature Sia but it’s a good music video.

When I first heard Bitch I’m Madonna, I know that this song will be a single from Madonna‘s album Rebel Heart. The track do feature Nicki Minaj and incredible beat and catchy music. As for now, there are only teaser for the upcoming video but here’s the audio of the music and I know everybody will surely love it.

Heavy metal band Slipknot is back with their newest single, KillPop, gives the loudest music my ear ever hear. I’ve tried listening to the song for at least three times, and I must say that it’s not bad. I can also understand the lyrics but it’s really to loud for my taste. The video for the song featured the band in scary leather mask and weird and disturbing clips and graphics. If I will be listening to the loud music, this band and their music will be in my list.

This is the first time I’ve listened to the music of the band Muse with their latest single Mercy and I like it. It sounded a band song and it do have great vocals and guitar play. The video is like human is creating artificial intelligence which are human like and realizing that the android wants to have its own decision. Well, the song do happen to be sounding like any band in town but still it’s a nice song.


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