Track List:
1. A Gift From Taiko
2. Deck The Halls – Raya Yarbrough
3. Allies
4. Fighting To Survive
5. A Very Merry Christmas – Brandan Mccreary
6. Dead Man
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -Brendan Mccreary
8. Fa La La – Brendan Mccreary
9. The Sadist
12.Silent Night – Raya Yarbrough
13.Everly End Credits

Salma Hayek’s latest film Everly and the soundtrack for the film is done by Bear Mccreary. He definitely put  instruments and sound mixes to give a dangerous sound just like in the movie. 60 percent of the soundtrack also includes Christmas songs done differently with a total of 13 tracks. Giving the trill in the movie with the track A Gift Of Taiko gives the full movie feel in the dangerous fill tone. Raya Yarbrough sang Deck The Halls and Silent Night which are done both in jazz blues sound and it’s great. Giving the soft side of the soudtrack with Allies that sounds very orchestral. Giving her cool sweet voice to three songs in the A Very Merry Christmas, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Fa La La are nice tracks to listen to and makes me feel the Holiday in June. This soundtrack gives mix of tracks that are contradicting each other but makes a great soundtrack.


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