Track List:
1. Sparks
2. My Kind
3. One in a Million
4. Confetti
5. Breathe In. Breathe Out.
6. Lies
7. Arms Around a Memory
8. Stay in Love
9. Brave Heart
11.Picture This
12.Night Like This feat. Kendall Schmidt
14.Rebel Hearts

Hilary Duff  is back with a new album entitled Breath In Breath Out having a pop and catchy sounds with her new music in the album. The Deluxe Edition is composed of 14 tracks and a fan edit album adding four more tracks including Chasing The Sun and All About You but this is not included in the regular or deluxe album. Opening the album is the third single Sparks gives that catchy pop sound that she is goaling for this album. Another nice track from the album My Kind gives the vibe with it’s rhythm that it’s perfect in the seashore. The up tempo beat for the song One In A Million is a perfect song if your looking for someone to love. Title track of the album, Breath In Breath Out is a beautiful song from the lyrics to its melody. Stay In Love gives a nice beat and souding like Britney Spears. Ed Sheeran gives a piece of him in one of her song, Tattoo, is the only song from the whole album that doesnt sound like the other and it gives a distinct sound for the guitar play. Another cool track is a track Night Like This featuring Kendall Schmidt and this is a song meeting the likeness to love. I’m happy to hear she is back with this album and I know she was able to achieve the sound she is hoping for the album.


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