Track List:
1. Talk About You
2. All She Wants
3. Last Party
4. Good Guys
5. Oh Girl You’re the Devil
6. No Place In Heaven
7. Staring At the Sun
8. Hurts
9. Good Wife
11.Ordinary Man
14.Good Guys, Night Time Mix
15.L’amour fait ce qu’il Veut

Every time I hearing a bubble gum pop sound I always know that Mika‘s name would come up. Now, he is back with a brand new album, No Place In Heaven, having 15 upbeat tracks that listeners will always enjoy. To start the album, Talk About You, the cd version is a nice pop and a signature sound of him. With the clapping beat with the song All She Wants. The first track that I’ve listened from the album, Last Party, gives a sad vibe but a happy message. Another nice song from the album is Good Guys talks about equality and being amazing. Talking about being a bad company in the song Oh Girl You’re The Devil. The title track of the album, No Place In Heaven is a song about not being belong. Hurts talks about gettig hurt and the piano music is perfect for the song. That sounding rebellious song, Promiseland do have a catchy beat. The album also include Good Guys Nigjt Time Mix and a French song L’amour Fait acr Qu’il Veit.  I must say that the signature sound is there and beat but most of the songs are slow. Still this is an amazing album.


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