Track List:
1. I Want You
2. To the Moon and Back
3. Truly Madly Deeply Night Radio Mix
4. Break Me Shake Me
5. Universe
6. All Around Me
7. Santa Monica
8. Tears of Pearls
9. The Animal Song
10.I Knew I Loved You
11.Crash and Burn
13.Chained to You
14.Hold Me
15.The Best Thing
16.She 1994 Demo

To salute one of the best duo in music history and celebrating their 20 year milestone, Savage Garden releases their The Singles album which consist of 16 of their best hits. The album gives the music journey of the duo and the beautiful music they made. The album include love songs we love, Truly Madly Deeply Night Radio Mix, Hold Me, I Knew I Loved You and Santa Monica. With the up tempo songs like The Best Thing, Affirmation and Tears Of Pearls. My personal favorites are the rock sound of Break Me Shake Me and the lovely Crash And Burn. I hope that one day Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones will get back together to create another amazing album or maybe, just a song, but for now I’m happy with this album.


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