Track List:
1. Bwelo
2. Tayo Na Lang Dalawa
3. Parang
4. Pag Wala Ka
5. Paraan
6. Porta
7. Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin
8. Malala
9. Susan
10.Dear Classmate
11.Tayo Na Lang Dalawa Demo
12.Parang Demo
13.Pag Wala Ka Demo
14.Paraan Demo
15.Porta Demo
16.Malala Demo
17.Paraan Acoustic Version
18.San Ka Galing Kagabi Bonus Track
19.Tayo Na Lang Dalawa Acoustic Version

Mayonnaise latest album, Tayo Na Lang Dalawa just got a Deluxe Edition containing 19 alternative Pinoy tracks with acoustic and demos included. Opening the album with the Pinoy alternative sound with Bwelo following it with the latest single from the album Tayo Na Lang Dalawa tells a love story that they can’t never be them. Being happy when she is not around is the main theme fr the song Pag Wala Ka which I think can be a single for the Deluxe Edition. Giving the slowness with a violin sound for Paraan is a beautiful song. Porta do have a nice love song and its fantastic. With the disco vibes for the song Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin and it’s a collaboration track too. Another nice track is Dear Classmate. Most of the songs do have a demo version which are raw and not edited version. The acoustic version of Paraan and Tayo Na Lang Dalawa are also good, it’s like a new song. For a Pinoy alternative sound, great album to listen to.


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