My 31st birthday celebrated it at Vikings SM Jazz is amazing. You know that I always wish to be serenade by the crew of Vikings and wear that hat amd its really a dream came true.  Before my birthday Dave told me that I need to make a reservation at Vikings in SM Jazz. Where the hell is SM Jazz? So i decided to google their phone number and make a reservation.    We Waze our way to SM Jazz, June 17, the day of my birthday. It’s a condo- mall. The good thing of doing a reservation, you can go right away instead of waiting in the line. The set up of this Vikings branch is different from SM Megamall cause it’s a little smaller and they do have a gorgeous chandelier that I didnt take a picture.    The food is not that many as the Megamall branch. There are some amazing food but many are not good too. The best is the Pancit Canton and it’s super delicious. The gummy worm like is so rubbery, I just let the waiter get it. Some Asian, comfort food and desserts are the best. Again, I wasn’t able to eat any cakes.    

While were eating, I heard the song for the birthday celebrants. I’m getting excited as they came close to our table. And the singing and the kuya dancing on my side is super fun. It’s full of food, fun and beautiful memories that I’m sure I will .treasure.


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