Last weekend, we went for a joy ride to we dont know where. I woke up early cause Dave wanted me in his office building early. He said I should pack one day’s worth of clothes which I did. Also our new GoPro Hero. His plan is to go mountain hiking or swimming in the beach. Were suppose to be with friends but we left them cause of the time we need to travel. We decided to go Batangas to swim. I think, it will not be just for one day. So, using Waze going to Blue Coral Resort.

The travel is roughly 3 hours or 3 hours and 30 minutes with traffic. We stopped to eat at Chowking and buy bathroom stuffs. The drive going to Blue Coral is far and because it’s almost afternoon, it’s hot. The road going to the resort, we passed by other resorts. When we arrived at Blue Coral just to inquire about their rates but the security said that they’re are fully booked. I remember the first time I came to this resort which is almost ten years ago, which made a lot of issues me doing the blog but that’s another story. The building is three floors and offers Banana Boat and Flying Fish as a water activity.

So we decided to look for another resort, I really like the tarpuline of White Cove Resort, so we stop at the side of the road and googled their resort for the rates. Then we called them to know if there is an available room, and there is. We went to White Cove and I checked the place, it was good but there are a lot of people. And because it a weekend the checking time is 5 pm. What!!! So we need to wait. We decided to go to another resort which is Virgin Beach. Dave already went to this resort and know the place.

Virign Beach is a nice beach resort that is so quite and only few person are checked in. They are very strict with their rules and regulations. I went to the front desk which is like a cool wood house and they dont have aircon too. The feel in the frontdesk is very nice. We decided to get Parasol which is just a basic bed cottage for 2000php good for two people. They covered the cottage with white curtains and foams for the bed. Also we paid for the food which is 1600php consist of lunch, dinner and breakfast. So its a total of 5200 good for two days and one night.

The parasol do have light, ceiling fan and one socket. You need to use also the common restroom but it’s really clean. When we arrived, we decided to get the lunch right away. Dave mention that if the resort doesnt have a lot of guest they are serving a complete meal per person but that day, it’s buffet. Well, because of the late lunch we arrived, there are only few food but we are able to eat a lot. And it started to rain too when we get back at our cottage.


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