Track List:
1. Just A Love Song
2. I Just Want To Be Your Everything
3. Aint Nothing Gonna Keep Me From
4. If You Leave Me Now
5. Alone Again Naturally
6. One Hello
7. More Today Than Yesterday
8. How Deep Is Your Love
9. I Got Caught Dancing Again
10.Rainy Days And Mondays

Zsa Zsa Padilla‘s new album, Beginnings, gives beautiful versions of classic love songs that everyone can definitely relate with. The album having 10 perfect tracks for starting over again. Starting the album with Just A Love Song which gives listeners with the sweetness from our Divine Diva’s voice. Ain’t Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You, easy listening beat and her angelic voice makes this song great. If You Leave Me Now is the ultimate love song from the album and a good listen. Alone Again Naturally showcases her signature voice and it’s like a beautiful lullabye I can listen while looking to the ceiling and not thinking of anything. The perfect version of the song, One Hello, this is a perfect serenading song that I can listen over and over. Taking her version of a Beegees original love song, How Deep Is Your Love, she did justice to the song even some part of the song’s tone was changed makes the song fantastic. This album doesn’t gives diva sound but the tone down is nice to hear and all tracks are really good listen.


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