Track List:

1. Hush feat. Nadine Lustre
2. Walang Unahan
3. Lala
4. Dahil Sa’yo featuring Andre Paras
5. The Possibility Of You And Me
6. Di Ko Alam featuring Andre Paras

Myx VJ Yassi Pressman releases her Yassi mini album with great groovy sound and cool album. The album have 6 great songs which at first I think she can’t sing cause she is a VJ but she do have a nice voice. The first single from the album, Hush featuring Nadine Lustre gives the groove with the collaboration and it’s really a nice single. Walang Unahan gives the funk sound with a soft rock and jazz feel to the song. Lala gives the rock feel and electro voicing for the track. Dahil Sayo with Andre Paras gives the feel and tone from Diary Ng Pangit soundtrack sound. The Charice song sounding but she shows good voice with a little rap sound for the The Possibility Of You And Me. The last song is from Diary Ng Pangit OST, Di Ko Alam, again with Andre Paras doing rap and her voice gives a teen pop sound that I really like. The album mixed different with great sound, not just like.a regular Pinoy rap or diva sounding and its good.


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