jason Dy

Track List:
1. OMG
2. If i Aint Got You
3. Jars Of Heart
4. Angels Brought Me Here
5. Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin
6. Caught In The Feeling
7. Thinking Out Loud
8. Stay With Me

Jason Dy gives fans a collection of acoustic tracks done in his own version, By Request Sessions Live. I don’t have the information of the recording session and it’s includes 8 tracks. OMG goes acoustic giving a slow rhythm sound for the song. Giving his beautiful voice for his version of If I Ain’t Got You is such a lullaby in the ear. The best song from this live session is his version Angels Brought Me Her and I instantly fall in love to it. The only Tagalog from the selection, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin is a heart-felt version and one of the best acoustic version of this song. The Pambansang Love Song of the Philippines, his version of Thinking Out Loud, what can I say but amazing. Stay With Me is one of the song that is really hard to sing but he sang the song with grace and powerful vocal power. If you want a music you can play during rainy days and in your car or room, this is the album you can always listen.


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