Track List:
1. Intro – Life
2. Party Life
3. Do You See
4. Pagbabago
5. Interlude – Filipino Hero
6. Bagong Bayan
7. Rise And Shine
8. Interlude – Questions
9. Radio Revolution
10.So Wonderful Remix
11.Back To Love
12.Intrelude – Lesson
13.You And Me

This is the first time is heard Quest first album and what can I say but it’s solid amazing and great. Join The Revolution consisting of 13 great and must listen tracks. The Intro – Life give what is life for all of us. Party Life gives that R&B sound and how we celebrate life. Pagbabago is talking about change and face today, with the groovy dance music. Interlude – Filipino Hero gives a beat box style rap short track and following it up with Bagong Bayan is an inspiring track coming not that strong with the message. Mixing a new sound which feels like a JayR track, Radio Revolution, gives a new era of music and sound. Giving more sound is the So Wonderful Remix and it do have amazing jive to it. You And Me is one great track from the album with great lyrics and nice groove. This is an album you really need to listen, not because it soooo good but the album doesn’t talk about love but you and yourself which made this album amazing.


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