Track List:
1. Addicted To a Memory feat. Bahari
2. I Want You To Know feat. Selena Gomez
3. Beautiful Now feat. Jon Bellion
4. Transmission feat. Logic & X Ambassadors
5. Done With Love
6. True Colors feat. Kesha
7. Straight Into the Fire
8. Papercut feat. Troye Sivan
9. Bumble Bee
11.Illusion feat Echo Smith

Russian – German DJ, Zedd is back for more electronic dance sound from his latest album True Colours. The album is composed of 11 tracks with amazing collaboration with different artist with different genre. Addicted To A Memory focuses in mixing great sound and only the chorus part do have a voice which features Bahari. I Want You To Know featuring his real life sweetheart, Selena Gomez, with the mix of electronic sound makes this song great. Serving a the second single from the album is Beautiful Now gives the sexy sound and a relaxing beat featuring Jon Bellion. Transmission really give rhythmic beat by X Ambassadors and with a haunting voice of Logic. Done With Love talks about love finished and how we can mend it, I don’t know if the vocal is from Zedd or another artist, not sure. I can’t recognise the voice of Kesha for his track True Colours and it gives a marching beat with a haunting sound. Started with a slow piano play but progress as a great dance track, Paper Cut featuring Troye Sivan, sounds a song that I can play in the dance floor. Just pure Dj-ing and mixing of electronic sound in the track Bubble Bee with Botnek. Like Clarity, Daisy is an amazing track but it doesn’t have the same effect as the Clarity song. Echosmith giving life to the Illusion song gives an easy take to electronic mixing. I must admit that there are a few tracks that stand out from the album so what I can suggest is for you to listen to the tracks first before you put it in your gadget.


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