After we enjoyed our lunch buffet, it’s time to test the water and explore the place. We walked back to our Parasol and change to our swimming clothes. By that time its raining already. But who can stop us. Well, it’s the end of summer and this is my first and only beach swimming of 2015.


I changed my shorts and shirt. Dip in sea water and it’s amazing. The feeling of the warm sea water and the sand in my feet. Well, it raining but that didnt stop us. Even other people are still in the water swimming. After an hour or two, I decided to get out of the water cause there are thunders striking close in the water. The common shower room is nice but small if your a big person. Water service is good. Lock of place to put your toilet things and dry clothes so you can use the space above the door. The good thing about it, you can wash your feet before entering the shower room. There is a tapayan and a bao scooper so you can remove the sand in your feet. And the lights you can find in the side and its a common light.


I also saw the dining area restroom which is open with no water on the urinals but clean cubicle. If your lucky you will see this giantic lizard (which i saw) that scared me to death cause it’s moving. After taking a shower, we went back to the Parasol and rested. Enjoy the rain, the sound of the sea and nice air comig from our small ceiling fan. I grab my book and started to read. By the way, during Saturday evening before dinner, there is a mass but we are unable to attend.


I suggest that you buy katol cause there are alot of mosquitos from 6 to 7 pm if you are staying in the Parasol or a none aircondition room. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention on my first entry that you are not allowed to bring food cause the resort will really feed you delicious food. The dinner buffet is a fiest. The technique for the buffet is to come early cause if you are a late comer you will not be eating the delicious food. At night, you will also see frogs jumping around.


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