Track List:
1. First Time
2. Heaven Is Close
3. Smoke
4. Travelin Man
5. Tennessee Whiskey
6. Sunday Morning
7. Southernality
8. (This Ain t No) Drunk Dial
9. Landslide
10. Back To Me
11. Trailer Trashed
12. Hell On My Heart
13. Where I m Goin

Country band, A Thousand Horses, released their album Southernality, giving mixed sound that is nice to listen in a 13 track album. First Time gives the regular band sound and talking that there is a first time on everything. The acoustic guitar sound and it’s kinda live and raw for the song Heaven Is Close. With the country sound this time with Smoke and it’s really a good song. A country rock track, Travelin Man, gives fast and western feel to it. A chill down song, Sunday Morning, gives a smooth tone with country beat. Album title track, Southernality, talks about personality of people in the southern part and it’s another country rock single. Back To Me gives another pure country to the band and it does have a nice lyrics too. Another beautiful track is Where I’m Going do great sound and message too. Even the band do mixed rock and country genre for their music and it sounds amazing.


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