Minions Soundtrack List

Track List:
1. Universal Fanfare
2. Happy Together
3. I’m A Man
4. You Really Got me
5. My Generation
6. Mellow Yellow
7. Revolution
8. Minions Throught Tie
9. Kevin, Stuart and Bob
10.Minions Run Amok
12.The VNC
13.Minions In The U.S.A.
15.Scarlet Overkill
16.Ruby Fight
17.Make ‘Em Laugh
18.Scarlet’s Fortress
19.Travelling Tribe
20.Tower Of London

Who doesn’t love the Minions? Yes, the movie is get and so it’s soundtrack. The Minions Soundtrack offers 80’s fun music plus some songs are performed by the Minions. Opening the soundtrack with a signature sound of the Universal Pictures with Universal Fanfare, which they also did in Pitch Perfect 2. 80’s songs like Happy Together, My Generation and the Minion color song, Mellow Yellow. Heitor Pedeira¬†composed the score for the film and serves as a producer of the album. I know that the soundtrack offer nice sounds, but the movie is much more fun and amazing.


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