Track Listing:

1. Pony – Ginuwine
2. Aint There Something Money Cant Buy – Mike Waterhouse
3. I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys
4. Freek’n You – Jodec
5. Sex You – Bando Jonez
6. Feel It – Jacquees Feat. Rich Homie Quan and Lloyd
7. Give It To The People – The Child Of Lov
8. Untitled (How Does How It Feel) – Matt Bomer
9. Marry You – Donald Glover
10. Anywhere – 112
11. All The Time – Jeremih Feat. Lil Wayne and Natasha Mosley
12. Cookie – R Kelly
13. Gooey – Glass Animals
14. Heaven – Matt Bomer

The sequel from the stripper film by Channing Tatum, Magic Mike XXL, we are expecting grinding alot. An amazing 14 track album that is so sexy and body bumping and grinding beats. Ginuwine’s Pony track starts the album gives a R&B flavor that is great to listen to. Aint There Something Money Cant Buy by Nick Waterhouse gives a doo wop feel to the song. I dont know how a Backstreet Boys single fit in the soundtrack with the song I Want It That Way but I will found out once I’ve seen the movie. Jodeci’s Freak’n You gives a cool and smooth vibe. Bando Jonez’s Sex You gives the feel of seduction, lust and in short, sex. Feel It combines great sounds from Jacquees, Rich Homie Quan and Llyod and it’s one of the good single from the album. I didnt know if Matt Boner really sing but his sexy track from the album Untitled ( How Does It Feel) sounds fantastic and sexy too. Donald Glover’s version of Marry You gives a cute sound but the song is not complete. The very sexual track from R Kelly, Cookies, really gives the Parental Guidance to it or even an R Rating but i like the part “wanna lick it like an oreo”. Another track from Matt Bomer is his version of a Bryan Adam’s classic Heaven and his voice is really amazing and manly to hear. The soundtrack is great and will definitely watch the film out this week.


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