I woke really early the next day, like 3 in the morning. Soft wind touches my skin from our small ceiling fun. I went to the bathroom to make wiwi. The whole place is so quiet and still have those amazing  lights lit on. You can also hear the sound of the waves. That moment is very calming.



Around 6, when Dave is awake, we decided to walk by the sea shore and explore the place. We have seen some of the Parasols, some rooms with and without airconditioning, two large swings and yes, there is a sign to be careful with sea urchin. The morning walk is amazing and the almost sunrise is nice. Not too sunny and not too gloomy, just the right feel.


We had our breakfast early cause we dont want to eat nothing. The employees at the restaurant are saying they saw dolphin which I really dont believe. I really enjoyed eating and filling up my body with caffeine. After we have eaten, we changed our clothes to swim again. Just the right feel for the weather and the sea. Sunlight is peaking from time to time but not that hot. After almost two hours we decided to get out of the water and get ready to leave. The Virgin Beach is such an amazing experience and i really gives me relaxation that I really need. Till next time.



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