A new twist for Marvel’s team of four, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing for a reboot of the Fantastic Four film this 2015.  It’s like a new parallel universe for the mutant foursome. The story of the new Fantastic Four started with a young boy dreaming to invent a machine that can travel thru different dimensions with the help of his childhood best friend. Meeting up with a professor who can help to fulfill his dreams. Then one fun night cause those five individuals to be super heroes. I think, the film tells a different Fantastic  Four origin and it can be great but due to poor execution and not good effects. I dont like the idea of the invisible sphere flying with two other members. Also the idea of the brother sister connection is some kind of weird. The over all story i like. About the post credits, i think everything might not be final for the future franchise, they can be connected to Avengers or a cross over to Xmen or maybe future mutant projects. Im still hoping for a sequel but with the bad reviews the film is getting, this is far from reality.


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