Track Listing:

1.Thinking Out Loud
2.Bang Bang
3.All About That Bass
4.Love Me Like You Do
5.Uptown Funk
7.I Really Like You
8.Blank Space
10.Love Me Harder
13.Lost Stars
14.The Heart Wants What It Want
15.Cool Kids
16.Im Not The Only One
17.I Want You To Know
18.One Last Time

Sabrina is back with a new acoustic covers of fantastic songs, Sabrina‘s I Love Acoustic 8, gives listeners guitar flavor of sure fire hits. With 18 amazing tracks that I’m sure you will sing a long too. Starting the album is Thinking Out Loud gives a beautiful female version of Sheeran’s hit. I never imagine that Bang Bang can be done acoustically and she really killed the song into perfection. The smooth guitar play for the song Love Me Like You Do feels like an M2M version of the song. Adding funkier beat for her version of Uptown Funk with a mix of electro sound. I must say that her version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s I Really Like You sounds like it was done by the original artist with guitar instrument. Far from the string sound, Blank Space, feels like she really own the song and sounded amazing. A lovely song version is a Grande’s song Love Me Harder gives the sweetness to the song and I really like this version. I never heard an acoustic version of the song Cool Kids and with the music style and her voice, makes the song great. Another fantastic version is another Grande’s song, One Last Time, deserves the repeat button of my phone. Sabrina’s album even in it’s eight volume still delivers not just lovely acoustic song versions but great OPM sound that everyone will love.


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