Track Listing:
1. A Mi No Me Importa

2. Capitan Tapon

3. Pero Tu

4. La Guarida Del Calor

5. Tu La Nececitas

6. Un Zombie A La Intemperie

7. Todo Huele A Ti

8. No Madura El Coco

9. La Vida Que Respira

10. Suena La Pelota

11. A Que No Me Dejas

12. El Silencio De Los Cuervos

13.El Clud De La Verdad

14.Suena La Pelota Acustico/Remix

When im about to go to work and trying to listening to an artist I havent listen to before, I decided to hear Alejandro Sanz’s album. Sirope is the tenth album from this latin musical geniuos. I just remembered that this guy is the same guy Shakira had a duet with her song La Tortura. The album features 14 amazing tracks in all spanish. A Mi No Me Importa doesnt sounds like a spanish song and it do have the pop alternative feel to the song. Capitan Tapon gives the great nice vibe for the song.  Pero Tu gives a romantic feel with that smooth instrumental play. The fun guitar play ofLa Guarida Del Calor shows a festive latin feel and its really nice to dance to. Giving a classical sound mixed with modern groove is Un Zombie A La Intemperie. La Vida Que Respira gives an upbeat tempo vibe that sounded like a English song. Suena La Pelota features Juan Luis Guerra gives a pop spanish feel and the feel of falling in love. A melodramatic beat A Que No Me Dejas gives a spanish love. A Solo version of Suena La Pelota and its an acoustic version of the song is definitely love. Even I dont understand some of his song, I feel in love with it and he shows a different side of Latin music that is not always dance pop but it can be pop alternative.


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