Track Listing:
1. Happy Break Up
2. Pag Siya Feat. Shehyee
3. Diva
4. Maniwala Ka
5. Saranggola
6. Walang Hanggan

Donnalyn Bartolome is back with a new EP entitled Happy Break Up coming from the first single of the album. The EP offers six fun upbeat songs that music lovers will surely enjoy. Happy Break Up is the main single of the album which talks about being positive in a break up situation. The some kind of a sequel to her duet with Shehyee’s Wag Siya, Pag Siya gives the almost the same tone but is amazing. Diva gives a danceable feel and being carefree. Maniwala Ka talks about encouragement and showcases her rap talent. Saranggola gives the process of song writing and I must admit that I dont like this song for her. It feels like this is the last track to be included in the album and she dont have a choice. Walang Hanggan gives the promise of forever featuring the voice of Ramiru Mitaro. Over all the album is great but it didnt top the first one.


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