Track Listing:
1. Dessert
2. Dessert Remix feat. Silento
3. Just Girly Things
4. Just Girly Things Remix feat. Kalin And Myles
5. Life Of The Party

The soundtrack of all the disco club in the metro and the dance of one of the lolas in Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye, Dawin releasing a power dance club album, Dessert EP. When i first heard this song, we are in the car and i said to myself, what is the title of this catchy song cause its fun to listen to. Dawin’s Dessert EP gives five great tracks including Dessert with a remix version featuring Silento. Another groovy track Just Girly Things sounded like Dessert but giving the beat and vibe differently with a remix version too, with Kalin and Myles. Life Of The Party do have the electronic dance feel to it. I must adkit that all the tracks from the album are fantastically amazing


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