Track List:

1. Black Magic
2. Love Me Like You
3. Get Weird
4. People
5. Secret Love Song (feat. Jason Derulo)
6. Hair
8. I Love You
9. OMG
12.Love Me or Leave Me
13.The End
14.I Won’t
15.Secret Love Song, Pt. 2
16.Clued Up
17.The Beginning

British girl band is back for their third offering to their fans, Little Mix with Get Weird. The Deluxe Edition of the album gives nice and beautiful 17 songs.  Black Magic gives the beautiful vibes of pop and dance sound that I really like. Love Me Like Do gives that slow doo wop sound which you can sway to. The album title, Weird,  gives a pop dance rock mix on this track and gives a nice beat. A nice ballad track, which will be the third single from the album, Secret Love Song features additional vocals from Jason Derulo. A Promotional single, Hair, I like this track cause its really catchy and nice to listen to. Grown gives the upbeat play of tempo, bass and with mix vocal sound. I Love You is another ballad that talks about how its nice to fall in love. OMG, a funk sound that bring the boys to the club and dance. Sounding like the second track from the album, A.D.I.D.A.S. feels like a slow Meghan Trainor track and its really good.  The third ballad track from the album, Love Me Or Leave Me, I must say is the best song on this album cause it gives powerful vocals and its just piano playing. I Wont, gives the message that i ready to face the world  and the beat is beautifully done. Secret Love Song, Pt. 2 sounds the same but more hunting sound cause of the piano and violin instruments. Clued Up, is an acoustic and some kind of live sound that is fantastic. They gave a nice sound, beautiful lyrics, fantastic songs and a great album.


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