5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Good Feels Good.png

Track Listing:

2.She’s Kinda Hot
3.Hey Everybody!
4.Permanent Vacation
5.Jet Black Heart
6.Catch Fire
7.Safety Pin
8.Waste the Night
11.The Girl Who Cried Wolf
12.Broken Home
13.Fly Away
16.San Francisco
17.Outer Space / Carry On

5 Seconds Of Summer is back with a new album entitled Sounds Good Feels Good Deluxe Edition, consisting of 14 album tracks and 3 more additional tracks for this album. The album is full of band instruments and cool pop rock sounds that teenagers go gaga for. Opening the album is Money, sounded like a track from the early days of a Simple Plan song. She’s Kinda Hot gives the summer songs that sounded like  jazz cool fresh sound with cd mixing and an elephant sound on a part of the song. Hey Everybody also sounding like the second track and its nice song to listen to. Permanent Vacation grabs like a Green Day song with the strong sounds of drum instrument. My favorite track in the album Jet Black Heart with a slow rock feel with a great lyrics, its a fantastic listen. Catch Fire gives the marching sound with a mix of boy band vibe. Another great track from the album is Waste The Night, talking about making the night last and memorable. With the guitar acoustic sound for the song, The Girl Who Cried Wolf is such a beautiful song with powerful vocals and sound play. Taking about family issue with their song Broken Home which gives like a haunting sound   especially the chorus part. Living a free life with the song Fly Away and it gives an up tempo beat. With simple sound and lyrics with a beautiful harmony, Invisible is one of my favorite track from this album. San Francisco is really a cool song and im sure it will appeal to everybody. Although some of the songs can be associated with legendary rock pop band, they are starting to make their own sound and great music that will surely be love by many.


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