Track Listing:

1.Gotta Give A Little Extra
2.Build a Girl
3.Shake Your Body (down to the ground)
4.Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
5.Locked Out of Heaven
7.Puppy Love
8.Oh Oh Santa

Darren Espanto a new album with both original and revival songs, The Next Star Chronicles: The Early Years. The album consist of 8 tracks in total. All tracks are released in 2011 and re-released for its 2015 album. Gotta Give A Little Extra is such a fantastic dance song that will make your head nod and a little clap on the side. Build A Girl, gives a nice pop sound and the upbeat feel is nice. I also like the lyrics of this song. Reviving a classic track, Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground), giving a strong disco feel to the track and its such a beautiful song sang by him. A Bruno Mars’ original, Locked Out Of Heaven, giving his fantastic version of the song and he really killed it. Lending his voice to a Rihanna’s song, Diamonds gives the edge to the song i must say. Oh Oh Santa gives the Christmas feel around the corner. Over all, its a fantastic album even tracks are released before and shows get vocals, feels like it was recorded like recently.


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