Every year, I always do New Year’s resolutions that I can apply to my life to have a better me and happier people around me. But instead of losing the old me, I am losing days of the year. Here are some of the things I think I should do to have a better me in 2016:

1. Start being healthy.

Every start of the year, I always tell myself to exercise every day, eat healthy and stay away from bad habit. But instead of losing pounds, I’m just losing days to do this. I’ll always go next week, next month, on my birthday, etc. Yes, I got a lot of excuses. I need to sleep, the food is calling me, there is always another day or week. Then I realize that my excuses got me fat. Hahaha! Well, I must say that I like how I look now than before. With my happy tummy and chubby cheeks, who can’t ask for more. Maybe I just need to tell myself have discipline to do this things to burn those fats, remove my fat face and gain muscles for a gorgeous and healthy me.

2.Save money.

Another thing that I tell myself that I will do is to save money. Yes, I’m very materialistic so I must say that I’m buying things that I want and not I need. I must say that I have a big teddy bear coin bank that I think holds around eight thousand pesos and it’s not even half full. I need to open a bank account and start saving up. I’m not getting any younger and maybe there will be a time that I might need it not only for myself but for my family.

3. Look good and dress well.

I’m a person who doesn’t care how my hair looks like or am I wearing the correct clothes that match. Maybe it’s time for me to pamper myself with good clothes, nice body products I can use and be stylist a little. Dressing up is not my forte but I will try to because I want to be good looking not only with my partner but also with everyone who can see me.

4. Be more adventurous and outgoing.

2015 is some kind of a hard year for me because I don’t have any out of the country trips or even a local plane trip. I didn’t went to any themed parks, swam at the beach, zip line above the ocean or ride a board in the sand. I want to live my 2016 without fear and doubt. Life is short and I must learn how to love it. I don’t want to have any “what might have been” moment of my life and I want to do it all this coming year.

2016 will be my year, I know it. I’m claiming it. Looking forward for more travels, adventures, friends, love and a new and exciting me coming soon.



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