Parasyte Part 2.jpg

As of now, I haven’t seen the anime version of the Parasyte but I must say that the live action movie Parasyte Part 1 triggered a curiosity. Now continuing the story where they left off, Parasyte Part 2 returns with new adventures, a love life and a twist to the story. Giving a more mature theme with a stronger enemy that he needs to destroy. Also in the film, he was giving a strong love story and trying hard to protect her. Also I loved the twist at the end where the alien in his hand is gone for good (but still I won’t tell you how, you just need to watch the film to find out). I like the fighting and how the story goes in this film than the first one. Its more fight scene, well directed and more drama. I recommend that you watch first the first film before going to the second one to understand how it all started. But in the beginning of the film, there are flash backs that you can have a sneak peak to have a better understanding about the movie.


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