The tired and worn face of a man wearing a space suit, with the words "Bring Him Home" overlayed in white lettering. In smaller lettering the name "Matt Damon" and the title "The Martian"

The movie adaptation of a book with the same title, The Martian, stars Matt Damon as an astronaut left behind in planet Mars and needs to survive on his own. Its a mission to discover more about Mars but he was separated by a storm and his colleagues decent from the planet think he was dead. Left alone in a planet that no one he can depend on, the only way is to survive. Luckily he is a botanist so he started to grow crops so he can survive. I must admit that the film is so kind, have the Interstellar movie feel to it cause it do have scientific basis and information. There are times that the film became boring cause of none script scenes. I like the idea that even he was in another planet he was able to communicate with his colleagues on Earth. If you are into science fiction film, this is for you. But if not, you will be bored to death.


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