In the Heart of the Sea poster.jpg

The movie inspired by the book Moby Dick, In The Heart Of The Sea, is an adventure drama that tells the story of a sailor played by Chris Hemsworth character voyage to the sea to catch a whale and bring back huge amount of oil. The movie was told by the only remaining survivor of the sinking of the Essex ship, Thomas Nickerson. Tells the story of them voyaging to the sea, ship being destroyed, landing in an island, one by one they are dying and being save by another ship. I do like the fight between the sailors and the whales and they’re huge. The graphics are fantastically done and the struggle to survive with out food and water. There are some point in the movie that their are talking and it’s boring me. Also the part where they are drifting in the sea but I know it’s part of the film. It’s an adventure film that you can definitely watch.


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