The first movie of the year that I laugh hard. Wang Fam stars Pokwang and Benjie Paras as the lead star of the movie. It’s a story of Botanist played by Paras‘ character who found Pokwang‘s character who is an Aswang who is about to be sacrifice cause she was the last virgin on her coven. To prevent her being sacrifice, she married Paras and soon turned Aswang too.  They move from the province to the metro with their three kids. The struggle of being an Aswang in a crowded neighborhood is hard for them cause their neighbors are suspecting that their are different. One of their son played by Andre Paras fall in love with their neighbor’s daughter. Soon their are being haunted by Pokwang‘s relative in search for her virgin daughter to sacrifice. I must say that it’s really a fun movie to watch. It’s exaggerated but in a nice way. The effects and graphics are done poorly but it doesn’t affect the comedy in the whole film. It’s a must see movie.


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