Return of the Tender Lover.jpg

Track List:

1.We’ve Got Love
2.Fight for Love
4.Walking on Air featuring El DeBarge
5.I Want You featuring After 7
6.Love and Devotion
7.Standing Ovation
8.Something Bout You
9.Our Love

RnB singer Babyface is back with his tenth album entitled Return Of The Tender Lover which give you 9 tracks that you will surely fall in love with. This also serve as a sequel from his 1989 Tender Love album. We’ve Got Love gives that 80’s beat and feel to it and strong RnB sound to it. An easy to listen track and very groovy Fight For Love. Exceptional is the most beautiful song and i love the rhythm and lyrics of the song. The duet with El DeBarge, Walking On Air, is a little up tempo track that makes your day beautiful. A classy song with After 7, I Want You, is a cool down track that is so relaxing to listen to. Love And Devotion feels like a Boyz II Men track that gives the romantic feel to it. Another track the I like is Standing Ovation cause it talks about falling in love and its really good.  A funky track, Something About You, gives the dance and the movement your body didn’t expect. Over all, the album do have a cool down tracks that you can listen while you are driving in a fine day or even it’s raining outside. It ballad and RnB mix is amazing plus Babyface‘s voice gives that sweetness feel to it. It’s a must listen album and to have.


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