JoJo - III (Official EP Cover).png

Another single from Jojo’s III album, Say Love, gives the slow tempo melody and I like the lyrics and the tone of this track. I like the chorus cause it gives the message that he says things but does he mean it. Also i like the love story being told in the music video and she is really pretty in it.

Confident is the second single of Demi Lovato from the same album title. The single gives a strong bass with a strong sassy pop up tempo sound. The music video for the single is an action pack story telling plot. And I like the line “What’s wrong being Confident”. I must admit that It’s not that good as the Cool For The Summer but it’s still a good sound for me.

The latest single from rock band Fall Out Boys, Irresistible, featuring Demi Lovato gives a rock pop twist to the song. Their voices really compliments each other cause it feels like the track was written for a duet and meant for them. I enjoyed watching the music video cause it featured a Pug as the starring role for the music and he is really amazing. Probably, one of the best single from the band.

I don’t know but everytime I’m listening to Josh Groban, I always fall in love with his voice and his music. From his all broadway track album, Stages, Anthem from the broadway play Chess, gives a smooth tone and very classical song with the help of the orchestra. He is one of the voices in the music industry that I will not get tired of listening over and over again. In this song, he shows a balance in his vocals, intruments and being amazing.

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