Track List:

1.I Do What I Like
2.Bring On the Night
3.White Light
4.Kiss of Life
6.Strange Romance
7.Ellis Island
8.Gerry’s Reel
10.Catch Me When I Fall
12.With Me Stay

After a moore than a decade, The Corrs is back with their sixth studio album which features all original tracks for the album White Light. With 12 exciting tracks I love to hear from the band who gave us hits like “Summer Sunshine”, “What Can I Do” and “Irresistible”.  Opening the album is some kind of a signature sound, I Do What I Like gives that chill fast band feel that says they are back. Bring On The Night is the first single from the album and it gives a nice lyrics and play with melody and rhythm. The album title track, White Light, feels like song number one but gives more drums and piano sound, not that soft and not that strong, it’s an okay track. Kiss Of Life is one of my favorite track from the album, it’s a mix of pop mellow with the lead’s beautiful vocals is amazing. Giving an electronic feel to the next track, Unconditional, put an 80’s feel to the my ear drums. Romantic feel to the track Strange Romance gives the pop mellow and it’s a beautiful song. Ellis Island is my favorite song from the album cause I love the vocal and piano tandem sound and it’s really perfect. Giving all instrument delight, Gerry’s Real give the band signature when it comes to this type of tracks and it sounded very Irish. I dont know but the song, Harmony, feels like I’m listening to B*Witched track and I miss this type of sound, cool and slow. With Me Stay is leaning towards being a country track which gives not the regular band sound but with violin. Listening to The Corrs back with a brand new album is amazing cause they’ve offered the music world great music and I know they will continue to do so.


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