Track List:
1. Can You Be My Girl
2. Gusto Kita
3. Boom Goes My Heart
4. Biuld Me Up Buttercup
5. Gotta Win
6. Now Were Together (Minus One)
7. Can You Be My Girl (Minus One)
8. Gusto Kita (Minus One)
9. Boom Goes My Heart (Minus One)
10. Biuld Me Up Buttercup (Minus One)
11. Gotta Win (Minus One)
12. Now Were Together (Minus One)

The British Filipino artist, Bailey May is a new face in the recording scene by releasing his debut album simply entitled Bailey.  The album is compose of 6 tracks which are mix of original and revival and the other 6 are minus one tracks that you can sing a long to. Can You Be My Girl sounds like Khalil but it’s not that bad. He does have that boy next door voice on this track. Gusto Kita is a conyo tagalog song which gives a feel of DJ voice but the message of the song is nice which he can wait until it’s time for her to fall in love. Boom Goes My Heart, Im not so into about this song cause I dont like the intro and that pop dance sound is not his line of music, I think. It’s like Britney Spears during her early years which she sang all the songs given to her. His version of Build Me Up Buttercup makes me fall in love with the song again cause of the electro feel on the song and his voice blends with the track. Gotta Win gives a slow beat track and I like it cause the beat is nice and the chorus is amazing.  Now Were Together gives the guitar sound and it’s perfect. I need to admit that I’m not impress with some of the tracks but over all the album is a nice listen.


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