Boruto the Movie poster 2

Set 15 years after the great fight, Naruto is back for a new movie but this time, it’s his son, Boruto, and his journey being a Chunin. Its really nice to see old faces from the series. The movie story rotates on a new adventures involving Naruto’s family and friends and getting the fox that is inside Naruto. It also introduces a scientific way in having chakra and it makes really makes the ability super powerful. There is also a new enemy by the name Momoshiki who are gathering tailed monster’s power. It also includes sons and daughters of original series characters. I like this movie more than Naruto The Last. Its more distinct, well think of and the presentation of the film is just the regular cartoon like the series. I believe that this is not the last we are seeing Naruto, Boruto and the whole gang in a movie.



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