Everyday, I pass this restaurant along Ugong, Pasig going to and from work and I’m dying to try their food there. Until one morning, trying to decide if we will go for the regular fast food or should we tried something different, I remembered this store and we should here . Very Special Pansit Malabon by Country Noodles located at Unit 1002  Builders Center Bldg, E. Rodriguez Ave, Corner Carlo Caparas St, Ugong Pasig gives a local dine in experience that every foodie should love.


To get here, if you are coming from Bagong Ilog,Pasig, there are FX signed Antipolo, Tikling, Ever or Junction that passes by place. If you are coming from Ortigas Avenue, you can ride an FX with the sign Ayala C5. For you to order, you need to approach Ate from the counter and tell her what you like to order. Yes, it’s pay as you order. The time we visited the place is like 8 in the morning so the cashier is busy doing inventory.


In all the walls of the restaurant you have their bestsellers specially Pancit Malabon. They also have Embotido, Dinuguan, Champorado, Halo halo and some very pinoy meals. The also have value meals with Pansint Malabon and other selection that can make sure that when you step out from their place, your so busog.


I have ordered Daing na Bangus value meal for 110 php with Halo Halo for 65 php. Dave ordered Embotido value meal for 105 php. I must admit that its on budget and its worthy. Daing Na Bangus is very tasty and the marinade was well absorb by the fish. It didnt lost the test when it was fried. Embotido tasted just a regular embotido but not the type you buy in the grocery and when someone ordered the fry it. Its a home made delight. The Pansit Malabon is the best, even its like a side dish in my plate I really enjoyed it. Its not a waste of money if you will ordered the whole plate of it.


The only downfall of our visit is when we are about to eat the Halo Halo and I asked Dave to mix the ingredients, we saw a cockroach on the ice so we return it. And they had refunded us the cost of it. Well, I still want to taste that Halo-Halo. Huhuhu! Also besides from the regular dishes they are offering, they also have Filipino pasalubong displayed on the counter. You can also take out bilao or Pansit Malabon, or anything from their menu. I will surely go back to this place to taste their other food and order that Halo Halo.


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