My Bebe Love.jpg

My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore is an entry from 2015 MMFF starring Vic Sotto and Aiai Delas Alas giving as romantic comedy as it’s finest. The film includes the latest tv love team, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza that gives the kilig to the movie to the highest level. Again it’s a normal Filipino movie story. Two families hates each other then there daughter and nephew fall in love and they are caught in the crossfire but in the end Aiai and Vic’s characters fine true love and everybody is happy in the end. There is also a teaser for a part two at the end that might include the Yaya Dub’s Lolas. ¬†Like everyone is saying in their reviews and social media sites that it’s like watching a long commercial, I dont feel the same. Well, its obvious that they need to have advertisers in the film and showing them is a good thing but I feel that it is well blended to the film. Its a simple and easy film to watch.


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