Dont have time and money to spend going to Bagui Windmills in Ilocos Norte, here is an alternative, You can go to Pililia Windmill Farm. Located in Barangay Halayhayin in Pililia, Rizal. Going to the place is like traveling to the province cause vehicles (more tricycles) are slow moving maybe because of it’s provincial lifestyle.

Its was said that this Windmills are from the same group who built the Bangui Windmills and it’s one out of three projects of the contractor for this windmills. It’s located at the very top of the mountain consisting maybe of more than two running around in the mountains. This project used wind power to conserve and generate reusable power for the town and It’s really a tourist attraction for the town.

Going to this place is  easy if you have a vehicle. All you need to do is to search for it in Waze and it will guide you all the way. But if you would like to be adventurous and take the public transport, you can ride a Morong Tanay jeepney, ask the Kuya Driver to drop you at Barangay Sampaloc and you can ride a tricycle. Based on the blog of Pusang Kalye that tricycle ride do cost 150 php to 200 php that depends on how good you can haggle with the tricycle drive.

Along the way, you will see group of motorcycle riders, bikers and runners who are going to the place. Along the way you can see souvenirs like the small Bangui Windmills, Watermelons, Mangoes and Dalandan. The road going to Tanay town proper is a little twist and turn and going to the windmill location is the same, but mostly its a regular long road with, from time to time, stop for PNP checkpoint.

There are no entrance fee in going to the windmills but there is a required donation that you need to give any amount to barangay officials. The windmills are facing against Laguna De Bay and it’s definitely windy up there. There is also a cafe that offer coffee, softdrinks, snacks and sandwiches. Right across the cafe, is a souvenir shop who are selling t-shirts in different color and a stand for tourist information which are full of flyers or different selling properties. At the far right of the cafe and souvenir shop are posters providing information about the windmill and the town.

The view of the Laguna De Bay is amazing and breath taking. And that mountain view is super nice. It’s really worthy going there and I will definitely go back here and bring friends.


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