The begin of a saga, Starwars: Episoode 4 A New Hope. The movie that started it all, Luke Skywalker, Dark Vader, Han Solo and Princess Leia, the rebellion is starting. The story of this first film was Princess Leia do have plans to end the war but her ship was captured by Dark Vader but the plans are put to the android R2D2. Then Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker set a rescue mission for the princess but it’s not an easy route to go to. I like C-3PO cause the android gives the comedy in the movie. But in the end they are successful in executing the plan, defeating Dark Vader and peace was achieved. I must admit that because the film is done in 1977, graphics are not that good but it’s good for their time. Color of the film is not that nice but its an ok color. I must admit that I’m not a Starwars movie fan, but its really worth to watch and start from the beginning.


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