. This poster shows a montage of scenes from the movie. Dominating the background is the dark visage of Darth Vader; in the foreground, Luke Skywalker sits astride a tauntaun; Han Solo and Princess Leia gaze at each other while in a romantic embrace; Chewbacca, R 2-D 2, and C-3PO round out the montage.

After 3 years, the Starwars franchise returns to the big screen for Starwars:Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back. The film is set three years after the defeat of Darth Vader. This is the film where Luke Skywalker learn the Jedi power from Yoda. Luke’s hand is amputated but replace with a robotic hand. The plot of this film was the empire tired to capture and take over the imperial  but Princess Leia was able to escape by the help of Han Solo and Chewbacca.  The additional characters in the movies gives more excitement and adventure that movie goers will surely love. There are also creatures added to give more visual of the whole Starwars universe. Maybe the first film in the era that teases for the next one. This is more fun watching than the first one.


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