When we are driving going to Pililia Windmill Farm, we are looking for a place to eat and I read out loud a name of a restaurant, apihan Sa Camp Kay-BuliK. The Dave said to me “sikat yan”. I said “ok, dyan tayo kakain” . Kapihan Sa Camp Kay-Buli is located in Manila East Road Tanay, Rizal, a landmark is STI University Tanay Branch, it’s in front of it. Going there you can just ride any Tanay or Siniloan jeepney. I dont know how much is the fare but it think coming from Antipolo is from 20 php to 30 php. We are lucky cause by that time we are the one who is eating in the place.

The ambiance of the place is more for traveler stop over for people who are biking, running and riding motorcycles. Its a well design place with lots of sittings and amazing wall design. Even though its almost afternoon but the place is so cool even one ceiling fan turn on. I also like the mix of tables and chairs not having the same design. That kawayan and wood design is so nice to see. That Stone wall with the restaurant name on it is good with the paintings across it is beautiful.

The food in their restaurant are very budget friendly, from the regular breakfast like silog meals and sandwiches with coffee and juices. Also merienda meals like different pansit. What we ordered is Special Pansit with Liempo, clubhouse and coffee. The pansit is super amazing (or maybe because I havent eaten it for a long time), it’s not that dry or wet but right for my taste buds. The only thing i dont like about the pansit is the liempo skin do have pig hairs. The clubhouse is a regular sandwich that was assembled. My tummy was once satisfied. And we only paid 200php. Pansit is good for 2 to 3 people and the sandwich is good for 2.

With the sound system playing Katy Perry to Taylor Swift to Yeng Constantino, it’s really nice. The place do have a videoke machine too maybe for happy hours. Once you enter from the very far left there is a cute lababo. Over all it’s really nice, the place and the food. Maybe a bigger sign for the restaurant name for people to see.  I will definitely go back for more food from them


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