Deadpool poster.jpg

Ryan Reynolds‘ back for another superhero role but this time it’s under Marvel. The first superhero movie given an R rated rating, Deadpool is such a kick ass funny film. I really like the opening sequence of the movie where you are reading crazy things about people involve on the film plus the comedy it will give to movie goers. The superhero story of Deadpool started when he was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to be cured. So he submitted himself to an experiment that promises to heal him. But in doing so, he gained healing factor but scarred his physical appearance. What I like about the film is it not mutant powers but physical fighting skills are amazing. The effects and the fighting sequences are fantastic. I also like the idea of incorporating some X-men characters like Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead so they can tie it in the X-men Universe. Even with the violence and inappropriate language, its really a nice film to watch. At the end of the film, there is no teaser for the next one but there is a sequel to this film.


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