Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Official Album Cover).png

Track Listing:
1. Moonlight
2. Dangerous Woman
3. Be Alright
4. Into You
5. Side To Side feat. Nicki Minaj
6. Let Me Love You feat.Lil Wayne
7. Greedy
8. Leave Me Lonely feat. Macy Gray
9. Everyday feat. Future
10. Sometimes
11. I Dont Care
12. Bad Decisions
13. Touch It
14. Knew Better/ Forever Boy
15. Thinking Bout You
16. Focus

Ariana Grande‘s Dangerous Woman Japanese Edition is her third studio album and shows growth in her music and lyrics.The original 10 track album plus 6 additional track for the Japanese Edition of the album gives a brand new sound journey for this lady who sings high notes and produces hit after hit. Moonlight is the lead track from the album which the original album title before its rename, i love the slow lullabye sound of the track which you can listen when its snowing (or in our case, raining) and makes you curl up your body enjoying the song. The album title, Dangerous Woman is the lead single from the album (before she decided not to include Focus on the album package) gives the play of tones and classical beat. The first time I heard the song, I admit that I dont like it but after hearing her MTV Music Awards of the song, I love it. The third single from this album, Into You, Dance Pop creepy feel beat and music but when you really the chorus then you can move your feet. Collaboration with Nicki Minaj in the track Side to Side, gives that Barbados rhythm but I think her voice doesnt fit on this type of sound.Let Me Love You is a slow rnb track featuring Lil Wayne sounds like a Beyonce track, a little dark but very nice specially with the rap part. Greedy do have the 80’s disco feel with the mix of her voice gives life to the song.Its nice to hear Macy gray collaborating with her in the song Leave Me Alone which feels like a song from western movie.I think, that the single Everyday featuring Future should be a single for this album cause its an easy rnb track to listen to. A bit slow song, Sometimes, gives a different sound to the whole album. Other track that I like from the album is Bad Decisions, its not that too much love song type and dance type, its really a perfect song for her voice.My favorite track from the album is Thinking About You cause this track do have nice and good feel to it. Focus is supposedly the first single from the album and I dont know why its remove. This track is very Grande, dance, carefree and young. the album over all do have its ups and downs but she delivered greatness with this album.


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