Fifth Harmony - 7-27 (Official Album Cover).jpg

Track Listing:
1. That’s My Girl
2. Work From Home feat. Ty Dolla $ign
3. The Life
4. Write On Me
5. I Lied
6. All In My Head (Flex) feat. Fetty Wap
7. Squeeze
8. Gonna Get Better
9. Scared Of Happy
10. Not That Kinda Girl feat. Missy Elliot
11. Dope
12. No Way

Fifth Harmony is back with their second album entitled 7/27 Deluxe Edition which gives the dance fever vibe with this offering.The regular track listing of the album is 10 songs and for the Deluxe Edition its 12 tracks total.The album gives swagger youthful and dance tracks that everybody will love. Opening the album is with the pumping sound of beat with the song That’s my Girl sending the message of girls should stand up through all the trials in life. Work From Home is the lead single from the album with that catchy beat and sexiness about the sounds and lyrics. The track was released the same time that Rihanna’s Work single is out. The first time I have heard the track, The Life is for the summer promo of Myx Channel Philippines, I must admit that the song is very different from the girl group sound but its catchy and the theme for summer. Write On Me is the second single for this album, giving a slow pop with the guitar techno sound that everybody will surely love. All In My Head (Flex) gives that Sorry bof Justin Bieber’s song that makes it body groovin and nice rhythm. one of my favorite track in this album is Squeeze, its shows a very nice way to show you love to some and chill pop song. Gonna Get Better sends a message that no matter what happen, she will never leave you. Sending that she doesnt need material things, just your love. When I first heard the track, Scared Of Happy, feels like its the Beyonce’s song, Standing On The Sun,it has the African beat with electronic beats.Featuring Missy Elliot, gives that Janet Jackson feel to the song,Not That Kinda Girl, I think that this track should be a single and the music video should be like military feel. The two additional track for the Deluxe Edition are Dope and No Way. I must say that this group really killed the competition with other girl band cause this album is full of amazing tracks that everybody will love.


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